Spooky Gaze

a literary magazine

Hello, Visitor.
Welcome to Spooky Gaze, a literary magazine for prose and poetry that exults in the uncanny, the eerie, the magicky, the deathly; for stories and poems that explore the form and genre of folktales that warn and forewarn or fairy tales that enchant or preach; for text that is dipped in witcherei or ghostsnuff; for explorations into the gothic, the fantastical and the realms in between; for literature that SUBVERTS / CLAIMS / RECLAIMS the Gaze in Spooky and makes it feminist / queer / indigenous / more ; and for stuff that is anything in between and beyond.
The gaze is inherently spooky. Whose is the eye that’s looking? The gaze is at play when we describe something as spooky. How do we decolonise, de-patriarchise our gaze and make spooky literature our own through fiction, creative prose and poetry? This lit mag is not necessarily interested in horror or pieces that invoke fear; it’s more curious about pieces that unsettle us and discomfort us by exploring fear. Uncanny narratives that inspire decolonial visions—stories which, woven in our minds and bodies like spiderwebs, intrigue us, enchant us, urge us into imagining alternative realities and shared futures. See here.

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